• How much notice do you require for an order? Ideally we would like 2-3 days. But we will always do our best to make those last minute orders work; you may just need to contact us to discuss. (Please see contact details below)


  • Do you offer same day delivery? Because we only settle for the highest of quality so it all depends on what’s available to us on the day. ​(Please see details below)

  • Preserved/ Infinity Roses are real roses that are treated with a non-toxic formula that allows them to last up to a year without the need to water. They look and feel like natural fresh cut flowers.

Infinity Roses - Care and Maintenance:

  • DO NOT Water the roses.

  • Keep your Flower Box in a room-temperature environment.

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

  • Do not remove roses from the flower box .

  • After a few months use a duster to clean them lightly.

  • it’s a very delicate product.

  • What is your return & refund policy? Cancellation/Refunds
    Orders cannot be cancelled once Flower Box Perth has begun processing the order. In order to promptly deliver our arrangements as fresh as possible, the processing of an order commences almost immediately once you have submitted your order. However, should you wish to change or cancel your order, you are welcome to call us to check whether the processing of an order has commenced, and if it has not we may be able to accommodate your request to cancel and will do our best to meet your needs. Any changes to or cancellation of an order can only be made with Flower Box Perth with written approval and additional charges may apply. Any agreement by Flower Box Perth to accommodate a cancellation request will be conditioned upon payment of any and all costs, charges and expenses already incurred by Flower Box Perth to that point, and you agree that such amounts may be deducted from any payments previously made to Flower Box Perth.
    Accordingly, we encourage you to carefully check your order before submitting it.

For any special enquiries, please contact us at:

  Email: hello@flowerboxperth.com.au

Phone Number: 0401 070 788